“How My Successful Forex Traders Personally
Teach You The Secrets Of Profitable Forex
Trading The Easy Way”

Now anyone can succeed… It’s as simple as 1. 2. 3…

I’ve been involved in Forex Trading for monetary success since 2006 and I can honestly say the best way I’ve found for anyone to learn and become successful is to use my 1. 2. 3… strategy. So, if you’ve been looking for alternative ways to make an income or you’ve been trying (and failing) to make a success of your Forex Trading. I may just have the answer to all your problems. So read on...

Warren1Hi there, my name is Warren Aldridge and like many of you reading this I’ve come across a ton of trading and money making offers in my 18+ years on the net. From outlandish get rich quick schemes, crazy investment clubs to over hyped automated trading systems. Most have one serious flaw… They just don’t work. Yes I know, sad but true… but hang on in there because you'll be glad to hear that I’m not offering you anything like that…

What I AM offering, is a way for you to be a successful and consistent trader.

Oh, and you don’t need any previous experience or be a ‘Brain Surgeon’ to do this. All you need is a willingness to learn a little and you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible.

With my 1.2.3… strategy your success is assured as you get to:

  • 1. Watch over the shoulders of my successful ‘Full Time’ traders.
  • 2. Copy exactly what they do in real time.
  • 3. Practice until it becomes second nature to you.

Here’s an interesting fact that may surprise you. Most people who go on to be great profitable Forex Traders are not ‘high achievers’, nor do they have a massive IQ. In fact, most are people just like you and I. The only reason they became so good was because they had good teachers and were given the chance to properly Watch, Copy and Practice with the support of a successful team… And that’s where we come in…

Why You Should Listen To Me

My Forex story and the reason you should work with my team and I is simple and straight forward… For a start, we don’t make silly claims about who we are and what we do… For example, we don’t have a background working in the City of London… We didn’t get told someone’s trading secrets just before they passed on to the big old trading exchange in the sky… Or any of the other crazy things you read from some of the less reputable people out there…

Nope, our success came the old fashioned way… confusedmanLots of reading, hours of practice and a ton of sifting through data. Back testing, forward testing and much more. Culminating in what I call my simple 1.2.3. strategy. Your ultimate short cut to Forex Trading success...

Since the start of my Forex journey back in 2006 I’ve seen all manner of systems and strategies. Most are rigidly based on one of two things:- Market Information (fundamentals) or Technical systems (technical trading). Most of these strategies have a major flaw…. They simply don’t work…

Of course there are a few that work some of the time, but eventually fall apart, as they can’t adapt to market changes or deal with high volatile markets… I really could go on and bore you with all the other problems these rigid systems have.

BUT I’m not here to do that. I’m here to offer you a solution.. A way forward…

My solution is a way for you to get the best of all worlds and give you the tools to adapt to all market conditions… This is the real way to trade, and you are just moments away from having all our trading secrets revealed to you… Step by step with our full support…


You were able to Watch and learn from successful traders?


You could Copy exactly what my successful traders do?


You could confidently Practice with the support of a successful team?


This could make you a second income or even make you financially free?

The Benefits to you…

You’ll benefit from my investment and that of my team. We’ve literally spent thousands of hours and a ton of money fine tuning our systems and strategies to bring you my simple 1.2.3. strategy.

  • 1. Watch over the shoulders of my successful ‘Full Time’ traders.
  • 2. Copy exactly what they do in real time.
  • 3. Practice until it becomes second nature to you.

Along with these three principles you will also get access to all this:

  • 1 x Live Trading Sessions a Day - 4 days a week
  • Unlimited access to all 6 video training modules
  • Unlimited access to all trading strategy manuals
  • Access to additional Live Trainings
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support

Do You Want Some Proof ???

Yes of course you do !! Now, I'm sure you may have seen 'cherry picked' results on other websites, AND you may even have been impressed. However, here's the big difference. Our results are the true figures of our daily trading LIVE in front of the members in the LIVE trading room. The LIVE room members can see these results online at any time. If there was any underhand or 'funny business' going on the game would be up in 5 minutes flat, our reputation shot to pieces and we would be branded scammers. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand these results are real. we can't stress this enough...


Recent Trades


Some Comments From Our Happy Customers

"The simplicity and the power of your strategies never cease to amaze me".

Miles C USA

"Thank you very much for all your great work. I appreciate everything you do and teach... JUST GREAT".

Alexander W Germany

"I love it, its so easy, Its amazing, I put on a lot per pip and cleaning up believe me…. In fact its the best thing I have ever come across…I'm happy with 70 pips per week average!...one week I had 140 pips".!!

Jeremy B

"I used to trade with no fundamentals some years ago..... but lost money. Only recently, with the fundamentals, I can say WITH HONESTY, I can prove it, that I am clocking a  min 1000 - 2000 pips a month. Mainly down to Adams research".


Trade Examples

Here are some trade examples. These trades were taken in the ‘Live’ trading room with people just like you able to Watch, Copy and Practice exactly what our traders did…  How Cool is That???

Example 1

 New LR Pic2

Example 2

New LR Pic3

Can Anyone Do This?

You know I get asked this question all the time… And the answer is pretty much YES… I’ve seen people from all walks of life succeed at Forex. Not everyone gets it, but the reason our members tend to be successful comes down to the strategies we use, and the way we teach them. The things I’ve come to see in very successful people is their willingness to keep an open mind and embrace the learning process…

How Does it All Work

As a WFC member you’ll have access to one Live Trading Sessions 4 days a week. In these sessions you’ll be able to watch our traders, and see how the trading strategy works. To make things crystal clear, each trade taken is clearly announced. This is where you can copy what you see, and of course, if you keep doing this you will be doing the all-important practise that can lead to your success. In these Live sessions you can ask questions or simply sit back watch and listen.

The World Forex Club 30 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

We are absolutely sure you are going to enjoy The World Forex Trading Club and that if you follow our rules and strategies you will make profit trading Forex. For this reason your purchase will be at our risk and not yours…

If after 30 days you can show us that our strategies and trading methods do not work we will give you 100% of your money back without hesitation. All we ask is that you show us your trading account history and the exact trades you took so we can make sure you are taking the same trades as us and aren’t doing anything wrong… We can’t be any fairer than that.

All the risk is on us for a whole month. That’s 30 long days, more than enough time for you to see this is for real. This is a completely Risk Free purchase, go ahead and do it now… You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain !!

The Tax Free Benefit

Did you know that Spread Trading comes under the same rules as betting in the UK?… This means you can really maximise your profit by using a spread trading account, which is open to anyone in the UK and totally TAX FREE. Don’t worry, we put you in touch with the right people to make sure you’re on the right track. All part of the service…


What About Support?

As you can see already that we offer an exceptional service, so it won’t come as a huge surprise to know that we have probably the best support going. We don’t just give you an email address, and tell you we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (like some other services do). No, we offer telephone support where you get to speak with a real person who will be delighted to help you. Of course we do offer email support as well, but the choice is yours… Don’t forget when you’re in the Live sessions you get to ask any question you like to…

Some Comments From Our Happy Customers

"You know what, I'm moving to the UK. I can't believe you guys get to make all this money TAX FREE over there. When I watch you in the LIVE room and I hit the trigger I almost cringe because it feels like I'm cheating. Some of those professional guys must be fuming when you turn people like me into instant money makers. Keep it up guys".!!

Cameron G USA


"...Congratulations for creating such a great service. In over 6 years yours is the first service that actually works. I made 4 trades on my own with 4 big profits. Thanks guys you are great"


Damian T

"Got +10 pips on USD/CAD, +20 pips on the DOW".

Nikk G

"It does make sense the more u do it and it gets easier".

Judie R


Because of the success and popularity of the service, we encourage you to act quickly and secure your membership. Demand for a place is very high and it’s impossible to help lots of people all at the same time. This means we have to limit the number of people we can teach and work with at any one time. I need to point this out as we don’t always have places available for new members. If all places are taken we will add you to our waiting list until a place is available. All allocations are done on a ‘first come first served’ basis… You can always email us to see if a place is available support@worldforexclub.com

That All Sounds Great… What’s It Going To Cost??

Some other less valuable services charge registration fees of £1,000+ along with ongoing fees of £500+ a month. I know I could charge as much, if not more. However, I want it to be affordable for everyone. So, I’m not charging a registration fee. I'm even giving you the chance to try this out for a week at just £4.99 after that you can carry on with a reduced monthly subscripton fee of £59.97 a month. That's down from £249.97. You really would be mad to not try it....

Here’s a reminder of what you get:

  • 1 x Live Trading Sessions a Day - 4 days per week
  • Live Room Trades Sent Via Text and Email
  • Unlimited access to all 6 video training modules
  • Unlimited access to all trading strategy manuals
  • Access to additional Live Trainings
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support
  • No Registration fee. Try us for just £4.97
  • Monthly subscription reduced from £249.97 to just £59.97

If you want to get ahead and make a real success of your Forex trading you need to
be a member of my service now. Don’t wait, and end up disappointed that you’re on
my waiting list for 3 months.

So act now, Accept the T&C's and Click 'Add To Cart'...

The Live Room
One Week @ £4.97
& Then £59.97 a Month

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Happy Trading


Warren Aldridge
World Forex Club

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