How to Tame Forex in a Flash

“My Forex Flash Trader service will ‘blow your mind’ with it's simplicity and profitability.

FFT has been proven to be hugely popular with Traders of all abilities
from Brand New Novices through to the Pro's alike...

Warren1Hi There,

Before we go any further here's something you should know...

"I've been successfully involved in trading (particularly Forex and indices) since 2004. Over the years my experience has taught me that the Forex market is like the Ocean, unbelievably big, ever changing and if you don't pay it respect it can be your undoing. However, if you follow my lead, you can tame it and be on the road to high profit success in a Flash"...

Warren Aldridge WFC

Now, you may not have heard about Forex Flash Trader before because its still pretty new... One thing is for sure, and that is, the service is the new ’Buzz Word’ in trading circles. There is good reason for the ’Buzz’ and its all about:-

Simplicity Profitability
& Fun!


Forex Flash Trader is one of the simplest ways to trade and very appealing for those who have little or no trading experience. The action of placing your trades is very simple indeed. We back everthing up with an easy to follow guide, training tutorials and support if you need it... The fact is, if it were legal for children to trade, a 10 year old could do it. However, just in case you need it we offer free unlimited support...


I know it sounds silly, but I assume at least part of the reason you’re reading this is because you want to be a succesful, profitable trader... Right?? Good, because we’re here to share our success, expertise and profitability. We even send you our trades. So, you can compare while you learn or simply copy what we do until you feel confident enough to go solo (however long that may take)...

YES, we’ll send you each and every trading opportunity we find, so you can be as succesful as we are... How Great is That..???


Well, life wouldn’t be very fulfilling without fun now would it?

Lets face it pretty much everything is more fun if you're good at it. And you're going to be good at this because you'll get our high profit trade signals every day.... Oh, and we really encourage you to enjoy the whole FFT experience and have fun learning and trading. Once you get the hang of it, the sky’s the limit...

However you can be assured we'll support you for as long as you need. And don't forget we'll continue to offer training on the strategies and continue sending you our trade signals until you say stop...

OK, OK I know some of you may not find the learning part too much fun. However, those that have give us great feedback. So, we'll continue to offer it anyway...

What is Forex Flash Trader Anyway?

The Forex Flash Trader service works on simple principles. There are literally hundreds of ways to trade Forex but we work with simple yet effective strategies that create a very High Success rate on a consistent basis. My team of traders have done all the hard work for you. Using 'tried and tested' strategies that hunt down the trades which are then sent to you. I also remove the mystery of Forex success by sharing and offering training on these strategies with you... All included in the cost...

Trades That Fit Around You

The Forex Flash Trader service is designed to fit around you. Some people have a daily routine that makes it difficult to take time out to trade. Don't worry FFT (R) is for you. Some others may be ok to take up a trade no matter what time of the day. If that's you FFT Classic is going to work wonders for you. If you're just not sure and you want more high profit trade signals along with a great price FFT Elite will be for you...

Who Can Do this?

In short, pretty much anyone can do this. So, if you’ve tried and failed at any kind of trading before or you’re just looking for something new and different that really works - This is for you... And, you never need to feel you’re on your own as we are here to help and support you.

Most people will need little or no help at all. FFT is that simple. However, if you do need help we support you for as long as you need. You can even speak to us on the phone...

How Soon Can I Start Trading?

The simple answer is that you can start right now...
Our high profit trading signals are sent directly to you as soon as you sign up. Plus you'll get access to all the other member benefits to. Including training and and strategies.

Talking about learning, everyone is different, some learn quicker than others. We encourage you to take on the information at your pace. You are in total control of how fast or slow your learning curve is... What ever happens we will continue to offer our encouragement, training, high profit trade signals and support for as long as you remain a member of the service. Now, I know a good number of you will quickly grasp the FFT concept and test your new found skills by comparing your trades to ours. Either way is fine, I just want you to succeed...

Ultimately, you decide how you use Forex Flash Trader

How Much Could I Make?

The success rate of FFT is one of the most important factors to consider and I can tell you - it's very good indeed.

Here is how our trade signals have performed recently...
Even with losing trades we achieved an astounding 2,294 to 4,771 Pips Profit. In just two short months (see below)...

Now consider that Spread Trading in the UK is TAX FREE..

Forex Flash Trader Performance

Are There Any Losing Trades?

Yes of course, Losing trades are just another part of trading. In fact anyone that claims 100% success should make you want to run away in the opposite direction. There is no 100% success, you just need to take the losses in your stride and simply accept they are going to happen.

Anyway, the way Forex Flash Trader works means your winning trades will massively out-weigh the losing trades. As I’m sure you can see from the examples on this page.... You can make very good returns with a moderate success rate.

So, just imagine what YOU can achieve with Forex Flash Trader...

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty straight forward really. You get access to the FFT members area. Where you'll find training videos, strategy guides and much more. Plus you'll benefit from my trading team scouring the markets for the best trading opportunities throughout the day. When a trade is found it is sent to the members (you).

The trades are fired out 'quick as a flash' by our system via email and text SMS....

I said it was simple didn’t I..?

But hold on, we don’t just stop there... We send you a weekly round-up showing the ongoing performance. So, you can check your progress

The trading strategies are updated regularly and are stored in the members area. You can access them whenever you want... How cool is that...??

What About Support?

As I’ve already mentioned you probably won’t need any help, but just in case you do, we are here for you. Support is offered FREE via email and telephone.

We can’t say fairer than that now can we..??

It’s also worth mentioning that we are well known and pride ourselves on our ’second to none’ support.

How Much Will It Cost?

I like to be as generous as possible by keeping things affordable for all. And this offer is about as generous as it gets...

Before we get down to the price, lets get one thing straight. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys... You know, I love that saying as its often been proven to be true... Cheap services generally don’t work, they just want your money for a month or two before you catch on and cancel. And because you only paid a few pounds they know they won’t get much in the way of flack...

Back to the cost...

A good, profitable (not many of these around) Forex service can cost £300+ per month... Don't panic... keep reading...

However, as I've already said I want this to be affordable for everyone. So, I'm going to keep the price as low as I can for as long as I can. It is very likely that the prices will increase soon so don't wait get on board now...

BTW: I offer a 'Locked In' price promise which means you won't ever see a price increase for as long as your membership remains paid up.

Don’t wait - get ’Locked In’ now...

Forex Flash Trader 6 Month Risk Free Guarantee

We are absolutely sure you are going to enjoy Forex Flash Trader and if you follow our trade signals, rules and strategies you will make profit trading Forex. For this reason your purchase will be at our risk and not yours…

If after 6 months you can show us that our trade signals, strategies and trading methods do not work we will give you 100% of your money back without hesitation. All we ask is that you show us your trading account history and the exact trades you took so we can make sure you have been taking the same trades as us and you aren’t doing anything wrong… We can’t be any fairer than that.

All the risk is on us for 6 months. That’s 26 long weeks, more than enough time for you to see this is for real. This is a completely Risk Free purchase, go ahead and do it now… You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain !!

Get My ’Locked in’ Offer

I can only hold these prices this low for a short period of time. So, to avoid extra costs in the future, you need to take up my ’Locked In’ Offer.

'Locked in’ means I promise you won't see an increase in your membership fees for as long as you maintain your paid up membership. When the price increases in the future you will continue with the price you pay today.

Plus I'm going to include the optional text SMS service in my 'Locked In' offer with a value of £9.97 a month.

So, you see it makes sense to get ’locked in’ now...

Here’s A Reminder Of What You Get


  • Full Access to the Forex Flash Trader Members Area
  • Access to Video Tutorials, Training & Trading Stategies
  • 'Forex Flash Trader' Trades sent directly to you via Email
  • 'Forex Flash Trader' Trades sent to your phone via SMS text
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support
  • ’Locked In’ Price Promise

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any additional costs?
Answer: There are no additional costs to use Forex Flash Trader.

Question: Can I trade from the U.S.A or Canada?
Answer: Yes you can trade from the U.S.A or Canada.

Question: Can I trade FFT on a demo account?
Answer: Yes you can trade using a demo account before you start using live funds.

Question: What else do I need to know?
Answer: Nothing. Everything you need to know about the Forex Flash Trader services is provided in the exclusive members area.


The systems and services on this website are not appropriate for everyone. It is possible to experience losses as well as gains. Losses could
equal or exceed your account balance. Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose and seek advice if you do not understand the risks.