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What you’ll find most exciting is that this system is never ending. Just imagine, every time you want or need it, simply fire up the system and see what you can grab today!!

Warren1 Hello there...

I'm Warren Aldridge and yes that really is me in the picture...  In my teens and twenties I trundled through life just like everyone else... I did my jobs (Store Worker, Removals Guy etc). I worked pretty hard. I paid my bills etc etc. And that was OK - But deep down inside I knew there was something better.

I wasn't afraid of hard work, in some ways I enjoyed it. I'm also a real people person, so the jobs I'd been doing were great for that. The money, however, was not and I just knew there was something more...
A better, easier and more fun way to get what I wanted out of life.

And that was when I decided to make a change. I looked everywhere in search of anything I could find that could be developed into an easy systematic way of making the extra money I wanted. I looked at buying existing business's, franchises and so on. These were just too expensive and most of them didn't even look like they'd work!!!

After a lot of searching, I came accross something that really blew my mind. I instantly saw how I could take what I was looking at and create an easy step by step system that would make money pretty much anytime I wanted or needed it...

Spring forward a few years - I've continued to develope my step by step money making systems into what they are today...

Today I'm going to introduce you to the first part of my step by step systems. It's called the Double Trigger System. The same system I developed and started with... It's very easy to use and you will make money with it...

I can show you how to use all my other highly successful systems and at a later stage I will introduce you to my private members club. But for now I want you to have some fun making money with my simple step by step Double Trigger System

Just to reasure you further my Double Trigger Systemdoes not require any unique tools, unique software or special skills?

Please read on…

What's It All About ?

13487_forex-currenciesIn simple terms, my Double Trigger System allows you to make lots of extra money from forex daily financial news... Don't panic... You don't need any previous knowledge of forex or financial news. You don't even need to understand it to make money from it. My step by step Simple to use Double Trigger System takes care of everything...

Don’t let the idea of doing something like this scare you off. I'm offering you the fast track, easy to understand, step by step explanation of exactly how it works. It’s so easy you will be amazed. However, you’ll still be able to impress your friends by telling them you are a ‘Foreign Currency Trader’, but that’s another story.

Do You Know What The Forex Is ?

If not, you're missing out on the benefits of the biggest exchange of money on the entire planet... seriously !! Foreign Exchange, Forex or FX is the simultaneous buying and selling of two currencies, for instance the British Pound (GBP) and the U.S. Dollar (USD). You may have noticed fluctuations in the exchange rate when changing your holiday spending money into a foreign currency. Forex Traders make money by trading the fluctuation in currency price differences. This is done mainly on the Internet using On-Line trading software. You too can become a trader from the comfort of your own home. We'll show you exactly how it's done. Don't worry if it all sounds complicated (it really isn't) my Double Trigger System means you don't need to know anything, just follow the system...

The Forex market is the Largest Financial Market in the World.

Yes the Forex market is truly massive, bigger than anything else. It's simply mind-blowing when you discover that literally trillions of dollars are traded on a DAILY basis. That's right you didn't misread that, we are talking trillions per day... these are absolutely staggering figures. Yet so many people have never heard of Forex. Once you know what to do it's a very exciting place to find yourself. The Forex operates on a 24 hour basis and because it doesn't have a physical location you can fire up your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world and tap into this Global 'Money melting Pot'.

To explain a little further. I'm sure at some point you've exchanged currency before going on holiday. You probably went into the bank or travel agent and exchanged some British Pounds for some Euros or Dollars. You've probably even noticed that the rates are constantly changing from day to day. Actually they change from minute to minute. It is these fluctuations in price that can bring you that extra money you've been looking for. The great thing with this is you don't actually have to buy any physical currency at all. I can show you how to trade in a different way, a more fun and profitable way without buying, selling or exchanging any currency whatsoever. It's called 'spread trading' and it really doesn't matter if the market goes up or down. Either way you can make money...

...Never Traded Forex in Your Life Before?

If you’ve never traded Forex in your life before or never even thought of making extra money in this way, don’t worry. You will get my step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to do everything. You will be given a help-line phone number plus I'm going to give you free training. Most people need very little help or training but It's there if you need it . On the training you can either call in and just listen or ask lots of questions it’s entirely up to you. In reality the system is so good and simple you probably won’t need much help anyway.

Before We Continue we must Warn You…

13488_ecstatic_laptopTrading the Forex News can be adrenaline-filled, action packed stuff and very exciting to watch. I'm sure you will enjoy the thrill of the chase as everyone is waiting to see the outcome. Will prices go up or will they go down? How much of an impact will the news have? Will it be a big move or small move? Will this mean a nice profit or an Awesome Bank Busting Profit?... Who knows?...

Then bang, out comes the news and it’s a mad dog-eat-dog free for all. A trading frenzy, millions of individuals, institutions and banks piling into the global melting pot. Then in a matter of minutes BILLIONS have changed hands…. Phew… Incredible!! There were some big winners and there were some losers. BUT YOU WERE SMART... YOU USED MY Double Trigger System

My Double Trigger System™ is an ingenious method that once learned MASSIVELY increases your chances of capturing profitable moves and drastically reduces the risks. The movements in price can be so dramatic around News time that 20 minutes can be all it takes to put a big smile on your face. This is no joke, you have to see it to believe it…

This 70 point move at £10 per point could make £700.00 or more



The system has been used, tested and thoroughly pulled apart over many years.

The fact is… The Double Trigger System™ pulls in profit more consistently than anything else at this level. I have purchased, developed and tested literally hundreds of different trading methods, programs, patterns and set ups. I’ve even tried formulas so complicated I think they were invented by Einstein himself. However, time and time again I kept coming back to the same simple step by step Double Trigger System™, which simply out performs everything else. Keep it simple and keep the profit is my motto...

One other thing... this technique is not limited to just Forex News Trading or even the Forex market. Once you have learned the Double Trigger System™ I will show you how to use it to devastating effect in many other trading areas. So even if you are a seasoned trader you need to know this system.

Why I Always encourage that You Buy Double Trigger...

I'm going to be really blunt with you, I have two reasons.

1) Because it acts as a filter to remove timewasters and no-hopers. I spend a lot of my valuable time showing people how to make money. Genuine people who really want to learn will buy this inexpensive system to try me out. The timewasters will not...
2) Because The Double Trigger strategy is used for more than just News Trading. It is an essential part of my other highly profitable strategies. So you NEED to learn it. Anyone who has NOT purchased The Double Trigger System™ will NOT get priority access to the Private Members Club.

Do You Already Trade Forex?

If you already trade Forex it is likely you have experienced the frustration of a trading system that sounded great, but then failed to provide the results when you actually traded. But here’s some good news for you…


I believe the Double Trigger System™ should be part of everyone's trading arsenal. Arm yourself today and you can enjoy these incredible benefits.

  • A system that is very consistent and highly reliable
  • A system that only takes around 20 minutes of your time
  • A system that is easy to understand and use, even for complete beginners
  • A system that produces incredible lightning fast results

"I show You Everything" – "Up Close and Personal If You Want" I'll give you everything you need to trade the news successfully. I'll show you how to use The Double Trigger System™. I'll show you how to use the on-line charting program. Don’t worry if you know absolutely nothing about any of this because I am going to show you everything you need to know.  I WILL NOT just sell you my system over the Internet and leave you to it. I am not some anonymous robot hiding behind a website. You can call me, talk to me or email me. I am a real person here to help you succeed, have fun and make the extra money you want. How many companies can genuinely say that? So if you are a complete beginner you are in safe hands...

This 60 Point move at £10 per point could make £600.00 or more 13803a_USD_JPY_News I Give You Everything You Need… The Double Trigger System™ is in a downloadable e-book format, which presents the complete system. You will get access to the members area where you can access downloads, training, the news release calendar and much more.... You will soon be trading and making money with real confidence.

  • I show you how to set up your trade for maximum profits
  • I send you FREE weekly updates of News Events to trade
  • I show you how to protect yourself to minimise risk
  • I show you EXACTLY when and how to exit trades to maximize profit
  • I show you everything step by step explained in detail
  • I show you how profits can be automatically captured with minimal risk
  • I show you everthing in plain English without ‘trader-speak’
  • Complete beginners can have maximum confidence
  • I show you how to access completely FREE online trading charts
  • Do this anywhere from a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection
  • Start towards becoming financially free if you want to
  • On-going support via email and phone
  • Further training & systems if you want to know more

This 35 Point move at £10 per point could make £350.00 or more



This is The Best Yet Simplest Way I've Found To Trade Forex News…
So if you’ve been looking for a simple no fuss no fluff way of making extra money this is it. I give you everything you need in my simple step by step easy to follow system.

I speak to seasoned, experienced traders every day and what amazes me is the massive amount of knowledge some people have, yet they don’t seem to enjoy Forex or make money. Sure, they can tell you what a MACD or Ichimoku indicator does or how Pivot Points work but do they have fun and do they make money? In most cases the answer is a resounding NO!!
And here's why....

13496_tradingfx1The reason most of these types of people don’t enjoy forex or make money is often because they have ‘over educated’ themselves. What I’ve found is that people can suffer from information overload. They end up like walking encyclopaedias, but totally lost and confused at the same time.

They know 1000 ways to do almost everything. But which is best and what if this happens etc etc. It’s no wonder they completely lose the plot and fail. YES learn about Forex, YES educate yourself. YES keep having fun and enjoy what you're doing and when you find systems, like mine, that work, stick with them…simple.

The point I'm trying to make here is that most people over complicate things. Making money like this is NOT complicated. It just takes a system that works and some discipline, nothing more…

…You’re Gonna Love It !!

You’ll love my system because once you have it you don’t need to subscribe to or buy anything else. You can use it anytime you want. Use it, grab some extra cash, put the system to one side for a day a month or more then go back and take up where you left off….

And the best part is… you don't need any prior experience in currency trading to use The Double Trigger System™. It uses a very powerful trading technique. In fact, it's ideal for complete beginners who are curious about trying out currency trading. It also delivers good consistent profit for those of you who have been trading the Forex market for years. It's just that good.

Don’t take our word for it...

"Hi WFC Team, I've only been trading news with DT (Double Trigger) for a few weeks now. I had to write and just say thanks. DT really is worth every single penny. I've grown in confidence so much since I started. It looked a bit complicated at first but I followed the guide, watched the videos and went on a training (great BTW) and I'm still at £1 per pip but soon going up to £2. I'm going to take up your invite to the Private Members Club so I will see you in there... Thanks Again..."
Ben D UK

My Double Trigger System could be the start of your Route to Freedom...

Get it right and Forex trading could be your fastest way to being Financially free. So if you can grasp what is on offer and you could make all the money you want... Here's an example of what it could mean to you.

  • No crazy dash through the rush hour traffic to punch the clock in time to save your job so you can do it all over again tomorrow
  • No pain in the butt boss screaming orders at you all day long and hassling you with impossible deadlines or boring tasks
  • Say goodbye to that alarm clock. Meet up with friends or spend time with the family. Better still why not just lounge around doing what ever you want?
  • I’m sure you can think of hundreds of other things you could do if you had all the time and money freedom you wanted…

You can buy The Double Trigger System™ and do nothing else except trade the news if you wish. However, if you want the real life changing stuff you'll probably want to know a little more. We're talking about the real life changing, do what you want when you want sort of thing. If that’s what you really want, this could be the answer for you...

The cost of The Double Trigger System™ is normally £174.97 however I won't be charging you anywhere near that much today.
In fact I'm going to chop off a MASSIVE AMOUNT and charge you the ultra low fee of just £49.98. Yes you read that right, only £49.98

But why are you selling Double Trigger so cheap I hear you ask…?

The reason is… I want to show people how to trade the Forex and ultimately help them become financially free. Believe me when I tell you that people who buy The Double Trigger System™ will also receive A Privileged Invite To The Private Members Club . So make sure YOU are one of them, order your Double Trigger System™ today !!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Anyone who won’t pay for education or systems generally will turn out to be a waste of time. As far as I'm concerned. I have no interest whatsoever in spending my valuable time with this kind of person. I am a great believer in helping those who help themselves. In my many years of experience I've noticed that people who don’t invest in their future are NEVER successful... FACT.

If you really want to know the secrets of making a living in this way and you really want to discover how to make significant money on a very regular basis. I urge you as strongly as I possibly can to spend just £49.98 TODAY. You'll also be automatically added to my Priority’ list for my Private Members Club...

....Don't Miss Out On This.....


Yes I'm making you my best offer yet... Order Today and you’ll get The Double Trigger System™ for a once in a lifetime price of only £49.98.  I'm not sure how long it can stay at this crazy low price and will have to go back up and you could end up having to pay the full price of £174.97 and you'll NOT get automatically added onto my ‘Priority’ privileged list and may never be invited into the Private Members Club.

FREE BONUS - Order Today and I’ll also give you my essentials e-book

Order Today and “Essential Trading Patterns That Make Money” will be yours absolutely FREE. This alone is worth 10 times the reduced price of the Double Trigger System™. Even if for some crazy reason you wanted a refund under my money back guarantee you still get to keep the e-book. I personally tried and tested these patterns and you'll get to keep them with our compliments.

I'm Also Going to Give You a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee at My Risk !!

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that you can make profitable trades with my Double Trigger System™ or your money back, in full, no questions asked. If after 365 Days your correct use the system has not managed to capture profitable trades, simply send in your trading account screenshots as proof and we’ll issue a full and prompt refund. The chances of this happening of course are virtually zero. However, we genuinely want this system to be as risk free as possible for you..

How can you possibly lose?

If at the end of 365 Days your correct use of the system has not managed to capture profitable trades. Simply send us your request along with your trading account screenshots. You will of course need to show that you have given it a fair go. Afterall, I want to help people that see an opportunity and want to work at it … why? Because I want to teach and mentor YOU. Believe me, what I'm going to offer you in the near future really can make you financially free…

13497_money_back_guaranteeI'm only going to offer that kind of ‘life changing’ information to people who are serious. I know for a fact that ‘serious people’ will buy The Double Trigger System™ and test me out. You should consider the price you pay for this system almost an ‘Entrance Fee’ into the mysterious 5% club that actually make money in this way.

How Can I Make Such a Bold Guarantee?

Because the system does exactly what I say it does. Frankly, I know most people are sceptics. This guarantee is for the 99% who want to join me in success and become financially free. It is not for the 1% who want to take advantage of me. Besides, the money you are paying for The Double Trigger System™ is pocket change compared to what you can make later on in the Private Members Club where I share all the exciting trading information, techniques and strategies...

OK Now It’s Up To YOU !!

I've given you the facts. I've done just about all I can to convince you that it is in your best interests to buy The Double Trigger System™. Now it’s up to you to take action. Don’t worry, this is not a life threatening decision here, it’s only £174.97 £49.98

Here's what's included:

  • Fully detailed e-book download of The Double Trigger System
  • Double Trigger Video Tutorials
  • Weekly Newlsetter including News Alerts
  • Invites to 'Live' Double Trigger Training Events
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Exclusive Access to the DT Members Area
  • Privileged Invite To Join The Private Members Club

So Act Now, Click 'Add To Cart' and Get the Double Trigger System
for just £174.97 £49.98!


The following links will open in a new tab / window.  Terms and Conditions  Disclaimer Refund Policy



Kind Regards,
Warren Aldridge
World Forex Club


PS. Don’t forget I can't keep the Double Trigger System at such a silly price forever.

PPS. Remember that buying now ensures you get your name onto our ‘Priority’ list. Miss this and you really will kick yourself…


Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should I order now?

A. Order today and you get this INCREDIBLE discount and you'll also get “Essential Trading Patterns That Make Money” absolutely FREE. This really is priceless. These patterns have been used to great effect in my strategies...

Q. What else do I get access to?

A. Automatically you are signed up to our FREE Forex Newsletter and Alerts. You'll get details of this once you have The Double Trigger System™. As one of my members you will Never be charged for these crucial news alerts.

Q. What else do I need to know?

A. Don’t forget about our 365 Day money back guarantee. All the risk is on us not you.