Is It Really Possible??

"An Automatic Income For Life, Get Paid Month In Month Out. All From A Business That Practically Runs Itself"

Yes... It's True.. A Proven Money Earner that Just
Keeps Paying Month After Month!!

wfc success blueprintIf you’re tired of banging your head against the wall looking for a way to make some decent long term money then look no further. Followers of my simple yet powerful system find themselves Earning Full Time Money for Part Time Effort...

What people find most exciting is you only need to 'Do The Work Once... After that you just keep getting paid...

Warren1Hi there...

My name is Warren Aldridge and I'm about to introduce you to a truly amazing home based business that will blow your mind. The market place from which we make our money is so massive entire countries and their economies are affected by it. Customers are begging us to allow them to use our service. The best thing of all is they are more than willing to keep paying for it month after month. But what does this mean for you?

Well my friend, today is your lucky day because right now I am looking for people who want to make an awesome income from home - with no previous knowledge required.

In over 20 years of searching I've never found a quicker way to make an income, nor have I seen a service that attracts so many hungry customers eager to pay you time and again. It really is exciting stuff... !!!

Let me make one thing VERY clear to you right from the start, you DO NOT need any previous or technical knowledge about the products or services. You don't need to buy them yourself and you don't need any experience whatsoever.

"What Are These Eager Customers Buying?"

That's a great question... They are buying monthly subscriptions to become a member of an online private members club that shows and teaches them how to make money trading in foreign currency. This is known as 'Forex Trading'. The most important thing I want you to understand right now is that every time they pay their subscription YOU get paid.

The private members club is known as The World Forex Club. It has many products and services that are sold to it's members. Some of these members could be YOUR customers. Every time YOUR customer purchases something YOU get paid.

The beauty of this business is once a customer is attached to you everything they buy is linked back to you and you get paid. Even when the company promotes new products or services to YOUR customers and they buy anything YOU get paid. Fantastic, don't you think?

...OK Sounds Amazing, But What is Forex?

Basically Forex (FOReign EXchange) is the simultaneous trading of one currency against another. You have probably already played this game in a small way when you last went abroad on your holidays. You may have exchanged pounds for dollars as an example. You may have noticed the price exchange rate changing from day to day. Actually it changes from minute to minute, and this is what Forex traders analyze in an attempt to make money. Don't worry about having to understand how Forex actually works or the technicalities of how to trade Forex, that's NOT how you will be making money. But before I jump into the details, let me say this…

"Follow My System and You Will Make Money
From Forex Without Trading"

There's no need for you to risk a single penny of your own money trading Forex. There's also no need to learn anything whatsoever about trading. The only thing you need to do is promote the products and services of The World Forex Club. Once you are a 'Business Agent' you will be shown many different methods for getting your customers. It's a lot easier than you may think, but that's not all...

...You Can Enjoy Further Income From The Efforts of Others...

Yes that's right, not only will you make a substantial income from your own efforts, if you decide to beccome a Pro Partner you can make significant extra income from others you introduce to this amazing opportunity too. Just like getting customers it's very easy to get people to join YOUR team. Plenty of other people will see the massive earning potential and will want to become involved.

I can almost guarantee you won't be able to keep quiet about the money you are making. You will tell others, they will join and you will earn money from THEIR customers. This way of making money is very lucrative and can run into many thousands of pounds each and every month. I know, you're probably skeptical. Right?

Skeptical you may be... but that doesn't worry me. Why? Because I have proof that my home based Business Agents are making serious money. Take one of my business agents that recently joined... Anthony was skeptical but kept an open mind and followed my System. In his second month Anthony earned as much as he did from his day job (Supermarket Manager). Since he started to see that my systems really work Anthony can't keep his mouth shut about his new found 'Part Time' business and speaks to everyone about it.

Of course Anthony is not silly and continues to attract new customers and business agents so he picks up very nice healthy commissions every month... Even if he stopped he would still get paid from the monthly subscriptions so his income would continue regardless...

WFC Oct Comms Example


I'm not saying that you will generate the same amount in eight weeks (you might do) as I have no idea how serious you are going to be about your new business. However, just imagine if you only made a portion of what Anthony did... Would that interest you?

I can tell you this... we have a lot of people making some great money and all from the comfort of their own homes. Most people start with no previous experience at all and many do no more than a few hours a week... very 'part time'.

Some of them have got to the point where they need to do very little in terms of real work. Their team is doing pretty much all the work now so new customers are coming in and commission still comes rolling in from the existing customer subscriptions... Imagine how great that feels...

"Finally A Step-by-Step Way to Compliment or Replace Your Job... and Gain the Freedom, Flexibility,
and Quality of Life You Deserve"

All your life you've been told that you had a choice. You could either be happy – or you could make money – but you couldn't have both. Deep down inside though you know this was utter rubbish spouted by the 'dream stealers' and losers. There has to be more to life than paying bills and living for those two-week holiday vacations.

Deep down you know what you want. You know that you and your family deserve more. You know you shouldn't have to slave your life away to make it happen. The only thing that's been missing (up until now) is a way to actually do it. Well, this is your chance to really make it happen...

Your solution has finally arrived... I want to help you achieve your goals and dreams with the most powerful money making opportunity you have ever seen. Better still, I can help you achieve your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible...

No matter what you are aiming for my system can help. Want a new car, new house or simply pay off your cards, loans and other debts. Or perhaps you want a little more of the nicer things in life... Follow my system and you can make this all a reality...

10 Reasons to Become a WFC Partner

  • Timing — There are opportunities everywhere but it's all about the timing! Working at home has never been more easy and you'll be working within a massive multi-trillion dollar market. As a WFC Affilate you get to dip your hands into the massive global money market.
  • The Industry is Growing— More people than ever are looking to get into Forex Trading as a way of making money. The annual spend on trading education and trading platform commissions is going up every year. The numbers of people joining the Internet globally and discovering Forex is astronomical. This is fantastic news for you as a service provider.
  • Huge return on your investment—With a little effort and my methods of promotion it is possible to outstrip your current job income. In fact we already have many Partners earning more than many people do with their day jobs... Once your residual passive income kicks in your earnings are priceless.
  • Nothing to pack or ship — You'll be connecting people with The World Forex Club products and services that they want and need, but you won't have to deliver anything. The company takes care of all of that...
  • No computer or technical training— There is virtually no learning curve with this opportunity... if you know how to type an e-mail, you'll be able to start immediately. There's nothing technical to learn, in fact we've already proven it by getting a 14 year old school boy to do it just to prove a point.
  • No more answering to a BOSS! - No more being told when to work, what to do or when to take your vacations. Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself in the comfort of your own home?
  • No more commuting costs— How much do you spend each month on fuel and wear and tear on your car? Throw that out the window when you take on this amazing home based business. Now it's time for you to get out of the rat race.
  • Very low start up costs — There's a very low monthly subscription payment and for a limited period a massively discounted registration fee to get you started. The commissions you are paid are so high, easy to obtain and regularly paid your monthly business fee pales into insignificance. Your monthly fee pays for your business tools and the automated promotion system...
  • No need to SELL— Just post your ads, send emails, post on forums, put up banner ads etc and your customers will flow into the promotion system. Then sit back, let the machine do the work and collect your cash. Of course, if you like to sell that's fine... do that as well if you wish.
  • No more living from pay packet to pay packet—Getting paid is easy and in no time at all you'll be making more money with one monthly commission than you're making right now! Try to imagine your payments building up over time and turning into monthly passive residual income...

Can you imagine having no debt because your New
WFC Business gives you Money to spare...??

Just Think...

  • Can you imagine sitting around at home in the middle of the day just chilling out - with no worries - not because you are unemployed or a loser, but because you are now financially independant?...
  • Can you imagine being able to do pretty much whatever you want? Throw down a few hundred pounds without blinking an eye for a full days personal golf tuition, an advanced 'race track' training day or any of the other spontaneous but expensive things you can't afford right now?
  • Can you imagine being able to splash the cash and treat your friends and family gifts they wanted (but never could)... or even just sit around playing video games all day on your new home theatre setup… Do whatever you like… Is this the kind of lifestyle you want?
  • Can you imagine being able to do all this and more...? All generated from a REAL HONEST & LEGITIMATE HOME-BASED BUSINESS that you’ll be proud to stand behind, and that NEVER requires you to peddle overpriced pills, potions, discounted holiday schemes, false promises, junk products or any other BS to your family & friends - ever again?
  • ...And the best part is - it's all achievable and all within YOUR grasp RIGHT NOW when you become a World Forex Club Partner!!

Earn Great Commissions or Go Pro & Earn
Massive Commissions - You Decide...

When I decided to do a Partner Program I wanted to offer two levels:

1. Standard Partners. This partner level is for people who can't afford much and want to get a 'leg up'. This is to get people started and making good money. Most people who have to take up this level soon move up to being a Pro Partner. As they very quickly realise exactly how much more they could be getting at the Pro Partner level. I don't encourage you to take up this level unless you have little money to get started...

2. Pro Partner (Recommended) This is the level everyone should start at if they can. As a Pro Partner you have so much more going for you. You could do exactly the same things as a standard partner, but earn much, much more. Plus, as a Pro Partner you qualify for 'Pro Partner only' discounts on products and services. In fact if you had the choice and you chose to be a standard partner it could lose you a fortune.

So, if you can, Go Pro...

"How Much Do I Earn Per Subscriber?"

You will get commission for each subscriber that you introduce to the World Forex Club services. As an example, if someone joins the Forex Live Room you will earn up to £70.00 in the first month and then up to £35.00 each month ongoing while they are paying their subscription. Believe me it doesn't take long to build up a decent number of regular paying subscribers.

Especially with help from some of the automated promotion systems which I am going to show you. For many people an extra £2,000+ per month would allow them to start thinking about giving up their day job. Don't forget, this doesn't include all the other products and services you'll be earning commissions from.

You can make a very substantial income just from the personal subscribers you attract. in fact you can usually far exceed your current job income and beyond. This is exciting enough but once I show you the Pro Partners 'Team Effect' you'll see the awesome potential of your new WFC Partner Business, more on that later...

"Do I Earn From Everything My Customers Buy?"

YES Absolutely... in fact whenever one of your customers/subscribers buys ANYTHING you will be due a commission payment. Try to imagine a customer joining us 5 years ago but hasn't bought anything for the last 4 years. Then they decide to attend a Forex seminar costing £1,000 pounds after receiving some promotion material from Head Office... Yes it's time to get excited because you just made a commission of up to £300.00.

The above is just one example of one of the many products and services we will continue to promote (at no cost to you) to your customers. We sell various trading systems, automated trading robots, signal alert services, one-to-one mentoring, seminars, trading methodologies etc and whenever your customers buy YOU GET PAID !!

You see, we are very loyal to our partners and we want YOU to build up a long term residual income with us. This is not a get rich quick scheme, although I have to say it does a pretty good job of impersonating one when you see some of the earnings our partners are achieving.

The reason it works so well is because the market is massive and very very hungry. On top of that when Forex Traders join us they are very happy and continue to keep paying. Think about this for a minute... if someone is making say £400 per month from Forex trading profits why would they cancel their £99 monthly subscription? They would be crazy right? What this does is it keeps your income commissions flowing in month after month. Are you beginning to see how this works?

"How Do I Earn From Other Partners?"

This is where it gets really interesting. YOU obviously have hopes and dreams. There are things you want to buy, things you want to do and it all takes money right? Usually you need extra money to do the fun stuff and buy nice things. That's why you are looking at this business opportunity I'm sure. But think about this for a moment... other people have the same hopes, dreams and goals. Think about that and Listen carefully to what I'm about to say...

As a Pro Partner you can introduce other people to this business and they can earn money just like you. When you do that something extraordinary  happens, it's called 'Leverage'. Once you introduce others and they do the same a team of ever-growing partners will be created, even across the globe. I hope you're starting to get a bit excited because the income potential gives me an adrenaline rush just thinking about it while I'm writing this to you.

Fast forward a few weeks and you now have a handful of partners working with you. Two of them are in America, one in the United Kingdom and one in Australia. They have a few customers and you are now earning override commissions. Wonderful, the extra £400 comes in handy. Fast forward three months...

Imagine three months later you go into your online back office reports to check your commissions to see what is happening in your business. Woooaaahhh... you can't believe your eyes... it says £2,445.00 due this month. What happened? Well, what happened is that those handful of team members have been busy getting customers for themselves. Regardless of what you do these people are going to build their businesses.

Once that happens you get the override bonus commissions paid to you. Once you understand this concept and put it into action your income will be launched into orbit. I've seen this happen time and time again with no end in sight. Are you brave enough to make an extra Few Thousand Pounds a Month?

If you are... then join me, learn and follow my methods and the financial freedom you've always wanted could be yours. Let me help you build a global business that could change the lives of you and your family. This is not pie in the sky my friend, this is real and I'm going to prove it to you...

A Quick Snapshot Of The Override Bonuses

Here at World Forex Club you earn from your own customer sales and Pro Partners also earn from those people you personally introduce as partners. This means that if a partner you introduced has 7 x Live Room subscribers you earn up to £105.00 for doing nothing more than the initial introduction of your partner. Cool, I'm sure you will agree...

Don't forget that £105.00 is from just one partner and only one service. Imagine that you have 10 partnerss each with just 7 x Live Room subscribers .... Yes... That would get you £1,050.00 each and every month. Most subscribers actually take 2 services or more... Imagine that for a moment...

Now I hope you are starting to see how powerful this can be.. Add to your thoughts, the other service commissions, bonuses and even more affiliates in your team ...

Get Started



Do You Understand The Power Of Leverage?

For this example, we'll pretend you have a lawn cutting business.
Without using leverage you have worked out that you can cut 100 lawns a month.


You now discover the power of leverage, meaning you've found a bunch of other people who can also cut lawns.
If you're a Pro Partner these people are now your team.

Lets say you've built a team of 10 lawn cutters who are each able to cut 100 lawns a month.
This is great because now you and your team can cut 1,100 lawns a month.

How Does This Help You Make More Money?

Well, lets say the customer is charged £40 to have the lawn cut.
That means WITHOUT leverage the most you would earn is 100 x £40 = £4,000

Now look at what you can earn with the 'Power of Leverage'

To make 'Leverage' pay lets say your team members get paid £30 per lawn and you get a £10 'Override' per lawn.
Your group of 10 Team members cut 1,000 lawns a month. So, your team each earn 100 x £30 = £3,000 per Team Member

You, however earn 1,000 x £10 = £10,000 Just From leverage

Add to that your own 100 lawns earnings and you'd earn a MASSIVE TOTAL OF £14,000


You and Your Team




So, using the power of 'Leverage' you can see you earn 2.5 times more than you could from just your own efforts. This example is on a team of just 10 people. What could you earn from a team of 20, 30, 40 or more??

Leverage is Not Just About Making More Money, Its About Working Smarter...

Yes, as we have shown 'Leverage' does make more money than working on your own. But there's more to it than that. Leverage is more about working smarter not harder. Using our lawn cutting example we've shown how you could cut 100 lawns a month. Lets say you worked only Monday to Friday and for the sake of the example there were only 4 weeks per month. That means 25 lawns would be cut every week and that equals 5 lawns a day... Whew that sounds like hard work doesn't it...? But hang on..

You are using the power of 'Leverage'. So, you could actually cut just 10 lawns a month. You'd get just £400 for your own work but your team continued to do 100 lawns each so your Team 'Leverage' money remained the same at £10,000... Wooo whoo is that cool or what??

Now take things a little further and try to think of YOU with YOUR WFC Partner business... Try to think what it could be like with a team of 10, 20, 30 or more people all getting customers with a good number of those customers taking more than one service.... The mind boggles... I really hope its starting to sink in now....

Now Add The Power of Duplication

It is a fact that most people will struggle to become wealthy or financially free without using 'Leverage'. It's also a fact that when you add 'Duplication' to the mix you have a 'Blue Print' for Financial Freedom not just for yourself but for others too.

What is Duplication?

Duplication is simply getting others to do what you did and for them to get the same or a similar result... So, If you can generate an income with your WFC affiliate business. It is perfectly reasonable to expect that lots of other people will want to do the same...

What do you think would happen if you showed this information to other people who are looking for a way to make extra money? YES, a good number of the people you show this to will want to join and 'Duplicate' what you did. And don't worry you won't need to speak to anyone you personally know (unless you want to) as we show you a ton of ways to get people interested in your WFC business and services

The whole World Forex Club business is built on these two awesome principles..

My Leverage + Duplication Partner Plan

If you are still unsure of what Leverage and Duplication can do for you, take a look at the examples below. These examples show how you can go from zero to a £2,000+ a month hero. Just by using the idea of getting 2 new partners and 2 new Customers a month. Imagine what you could earn if each of your partners got 4 customers month...

Month 1

Affiliate Diagram M 1

2 New Personal Customers = £140 2 x Partners 4 New Team Customers = £120 Total = £260


Month 2

Affiliate Diagram M 2

2 New Personal Customers = £140 2 Existing Personal Customers = £70 4 x Partners 8 New Team Customers = £240 4 Existing Team Customers = £60 Total = £510


Month 3

Affiliate Diagram M 3 V3

2 New Personal Customers = £140 4 Existing Personal Customers = £140 6 x Partners 12 New Team Customers = £360 12 Existing Team Customers = £180 Total = £820


Fast Forward 6 Months


Month 6

2 New Personal Customers = £140 10 Existing Personal Customers = £350 12 x Partners 24 New Team Customers = £720 60 Existing Team Customers = £900 Total = £2,110

So, as you can see this is an easy way to build a very achievable business. In fact you may well find times when you and if you're a Pro Partner your team of partners do much more than this... Its also worth noting that the examples are based on just one service.

A good number of customers take 2 or more services... Now try to imagine where you could be in 12 months time with a MASSIVE TEAM of partners and literally hundreds of customers all contributing to paying you an awesome monthly commission of THOUSANDS...

This opportunity is a reality for you. With success on your side I'm sure you'll know others who will want to duplicate what you've achieved as a WFC Partner and if you don't I'll show you how to take care of that too.

Money Falling on Happy BusinessmanNow you're on the right track to Financial Freedom... Well, that was fun playing with figures to show you the earning power you now have available to you by becoming a World Forex Club Partner.

There are lots of different ways I could present potential earnings figures to you but I really just wanted you to understand one important thing.

YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY if you join us right now and allow me to teach you how to do it. It's as simple as that...


Get Started



Want To See What Our Customers Have To Say About Us?

We have lots of very happy customers and subscribers. Here are what some of them have to say about WFC. It's worth noting that even very happy customers don't usually write in, so to have so many should tell you something about how good we are.


"I love it, its so easy, Its amazing, I put on a lot per pip and cleaning up believe me…. In fact its the best thing I have ever come across…I'm happy with 70 pips per week average! week I had 140 pips".!!

Jeremy B

"I used to trade with no fundamentals some years ago..... but lost money. Only recently, with the fundamentals, I can say WITH HONESTY, I can prove it, that I am clocking a  min 1000 - 2000 pips a month. Mainly down to Adams research".


"The simplicity and the power of your strategies never cease to amaze me".

Miles C USA

"Thank you very much for all your great work. I appreciate everything you do and teach... JUST GREAT".

Alexander W Germany

How To Get Customers/Subscribers?

There are literally hundreds of ways to attract customers. We will show you various proven ways to get an almost endless stream of hungry customers to continually fuel your WFC Partner Business. Here are a few examples of the methods we use...

  • Piggy-Backing - Drive traffic to your WFC Partner website with banner adverts strategically placed on high traffic websites. We show you how...
  • FREE METHODS - We show you various ways of offline and online marketing using FREE strategies that get results such as Free online adverts, Reverse Marketing, Leaflet Drops, Business Cards and Word of Mouth referrals.
  • Forums - Find out which forums to go on, which ones to avoid and what to say to attract both customers and partners and multiply your profits.
  • Social Media Marketing - Learn the secrets of Facebook, Twitter etc advertising for prospect lead generation by simply making new friends.
  • Outsourcing - We show you where to get other marketing professionals to do all the lead generation, advertising a promotion work for you. Although you have to pay for this it is very cost effective if you know where to go...
  • Direct Mail - Prospects are approached by 'hard copy' promotion material that is sent through the postal system. This is highly targeted and very effective. We have access to highly responsive lists and can handle all of this for you should you wish.
  • And Much Much More...

You will be shown many different ways to promote your WFC Business. However it will be for you to decide which methods suit you best. Not everyone is the same. Some people prefer to Pay for their promotion others really love the FREE methods and of course others like to do a little of everything...

If You Can't Sell & You Can't Recruit This
Will Be A Dream Come True For You...

Do you struggle to sell things? Do you hate the idea of being a sales person? Does the whole idea of selling leave you cold? Not being able to sell has seen fortunes slip through the fingers of many people. But don't worry... help is at hand. My automated system will take care of all that for you you. So hang on while I explain...

This will be music to your ears. Listen closely... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK TO ANYONE. I can hear your sigh of relief!! It's true, you can have zero contact with your customers and still enjoy all the benefits that your WFC Partner Business can bring. This is all made possible with my automated marketing system... Stay tuned to find out more...

In my opinion the number one reason for failure in any business including traditional businesses, MLM, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Sales Teams etc. is not being able to recruit people. Whether it's employees or partners, you need to be able to recruit. As with selling, the process of recruitment can be a scary experience and often people shy away from it and consequently fail. Well, all that is about to change for YOU.

With both the selling of WFC products/services and recruiting partners all you have to do is lead people to YOUR World Forex Club website. Then, the marketing system will fire into action. The system will work it's magic and pull them in like you wouldn't believe.

My Amazing Marketing System

My amazing marketing system automates selling and recruiting. It gives you website promotion pages and a WFC Partner back office for stats, training, promotion resources etc. Inside, you'll find your front end customer and partner capture pages. This is where you lead your prospects so they can find out more about the business and / or the World Forex Club. Don't worry, it's all very simple, ABC, 123 step-by-step kinda stuff...

When they arrive at your website page their name, email and phone number are captured. They are then sent to various videos, audio's, sales pages etc all on auto pilot...

Once captured the automated email sequences are triggered. Your prospects will then receive promotion emails every day for the first week. Then every few days after that continuing for up to 12 months.

The emails are constantly telling them about how much the Forex Trader Members and/or partners are making. This constantly encourages them to come back and look at what's on offer and encourages them to join. We also have phone numbers in the emails so they can call in for a chat and ask any questions. People who call in usually join.

Quite often when someone first enquires about the Business or the Forex Live Room they are not actually ready to join at that point. It is crucial you understand the importance of this because that's where The marketing system comes in. The automated emails continue to go out even while you sleep. We have people that have joined 6 months after first contact. With constant contact by automated email they never forget about us. When the time is right for them... THEY JOIN...

Now You Can See Why ANYONE Can Do This Business and MAKE MONEY

Of course, if you are the kind of person that loves to talk to people, loves to sell and loves to recruit that's just fine, you can do that too. It's just wonderful to see shy, reserved, private or nervous people succeed for the first time ever and all because my mighty marketing system was doing all the heavy lifting for them. In fact I even had one guy who's name I will not mention in tears on the phone because finally he had found something that worked.


Here's What You Get

Your Marketing System includes the following...

  • Capture Pages - These pages really get your prospect's attention and are very effective at getting their name and email details. Once those details are captured it enables the system to keep contacting them for up to 12 months to encourage them to come back to your website pages, watch any promotion videos, read the sales pages and call in with questions.
  • Video & Audio Content - Customer/Partner Recruitment This constantly updating content gives your potential customers information on the various products and services. Potential Partners are also given information about the business opportunity and the power of the system
  • Automated Email System - This is the key to the whole system. When your prospect enters their details the system will email them every day with important news and information about your business. Day after day powerful sales copy is working it's magic highlighting the incredible benefits of The World Forex Club.
  • Customer/Partner 'Lock on' - My Marketing System will ensure that every single customer or partner that comes through your website capture pages is permanently 'locked on' to YOU for life. This means that whenever they buy anything or sign up customers you get paid. No matter how far into the future that may be. Just think for a moment about how lucrative that could be...
  • Back Office Your easy to use back office has many functions. When you 'log in' you'll have access to your commission payment statistics, contact details of your team members, customers etc. You can also see how many sales you and your team have made. Various reports can be accessed from your back office so you will find this to be a very useful tool for running your business.
  • Leads and prospects database When promoting, all your prospect's details are captured in a holding pot. These details are available to you at all times.
  • Promotion Material - You can download all the latest promotion materials including things such as postal flyers, email flyers, postcards, shop window cards, newspaper adverts, website banners, signature tags, email templates etc.
  • Training Area This is where we put training modules to keep you up to date with all the latest promotion methods we are using. This includes Partner and Customer Gathering techniques. You would pay a fortune for this kind of information elsewhere.
  • Email & Mailing List Access - We have the best contacts to obtain the highest quality email and mailing list names and addresses money can buy. We have direct contact with sources in both the USA and United Kingdom. You simply order the amount you require in your back office.
  • Support and ongoing updates - This is very important because if anything goes wrong you need to be able to pick up the phone and get everything up and running as quickly as possible. We are constantly testing, tweaking and updating the promotion systems. Your Marketing System is automatically updated with the latest marketing techniques, website and sales copy at no extra cost to you. If we produce a new video, web page or audio your websites will be updated immediately. Quick support is essential if you have any technical issues...
  • And a whole lot more... This is just a brief list of what you're getting to run your World Forex Club Partner Business. We're constantly adding stuff and thinking of new ways to make you successful. I'm sure you can see you're getting in to an amazing opportunity.

Want Some FREE Training?

We know the importance of training. So, we have invested a lot of time and money to enable us to offer you and the customers you attract to us, the best possible 'live' and video training. We also offer guides to all services including quick start guides for partners. All our training is kept up to date with the latest information, tips and tricks. All this to ensure your success and the success of your customers.


Need More Support?... No Problem


Unlimited Telephone Support

To back everything up you will also have contact details of the Head Office Help Line Telephone Number. There is also an email support service for out of hours help if you need it. You never have to worry about being on your own and help is only a phone call or email away...

"Let's Cut to the Chase..."

You are going to join the business, I will be here to guide you every step of the way, I am going to look after you and if you do all I suggest YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

Unlike a lot of opportunities out there The World Forex Club Partner opportunity actually works. The methods we use have been proven time and time again. Don't forget, we earn from the massive global money pool that is truly endless... You now have the tools before you to grab your piece of the action.

I will show you EXACTLY how I and many others make our money, and when I say EXACTLY I really mean it. No holds barred. The bottom line is, if you can follow simple instructions and follow the step-by-step process you are going to be successful. There's absolutely no doubt about it.

I've done my best to show you the most dynamic, genuine home based partner business available today without over hyping everything. I hope I've done a good job so now it's up to you to make a decision. Will you decide to...

  • Fire your boss (if you want to) and have all the time in the world to do as you please...
  • Go on holiday when you want, as many times as you like...
  • Wipe away your debt and money worries...
  • Treat your friends and family whenever you like...
  • Perhaps buy that new car or even move into that new house...
  • The list goes on and on....

I really could ramble on about the things you could do and buy with your new found financial freedom. I could even tell you about what some of my other Partners have been able to do, to try impress you further. However what I really want you to do is experience it for yourself. I want you to experience the thrill of that day when you call me and tell me about what you have done with your new found financial freedom. I know what you're thinking...

You're thinking this is going to cost you a fortune to get involved. If that's what you think, then think again... To be perfectly honest, because of the potential for very high levels of income, this opportunity could sell for thousands of pounds plus a pricey monthly subscription all day long. In fact we still have this as a possible plan of action so don't hang around too long...



Anyway... forget £3,000 as the registration and set up fee today will depend on what you want... Yep, you can decide to go for the lower earning standard partner position or you can really go for it and earn bigger commission and special Pro Partner only product and service discounts. Either way you need to get started ASAP. Your financial future is in your hands. Get Signed Up Now Take a look at the comparison table below to help you choose:

As you can see our Pro Partner level with it's ridiculously low monthly subscription of just £24.97 per month is far more popular than the standard partner level. I know If I were you I would jump at the chance to go Pro and get involved right now. Remember, just one Live Room membership will wipe out your monthly Pro Partner subscription. So you see.. . this business model really does work.

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The WFC Partner Business is already pretty awesome I'm sure you will agree. However to 'pop a cherry on the top' I've decided to give you another great reasons to join us today. Yes, if you take action and join us today you can claim a FREE GIFT: Join as a Pro Partner today and get One Months FREE Access to The Live Room or any WFC Service with a Maximum Value £99.97 Don't hang around join today. These Free Gifts are being snapped up fast...

So, now it's time for you to decide, take action and get started... You already know that becoming a WFC Partner can dramatically change your life and massively improve your income. You also know you are going to get all the back up and support you'll ever need. So what are you waiting for? Get signed up right now...



Standard Partner

Pre Launch Special Price

Free Registration

No Monthly Recurring Fees

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Pro Partner

Pre Launch Special Price

£99.97 Registration

£24.97 a Month

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I look forward to working with you...

Kind regards,




Warren Aldridge

The World Forex Club


PS. If you're interested in joining Pro Partners make sure you join today before the price to join rockets up. Grab this ridiculously low registration of only £99.97 and just £24.97 per month you really would be crazy not to join.

PPS. For Pro Partners you and I are going to focus on your first target of just 2 Customers and 2 Partners. Putting you on the right track for financial freedom. You're ready for a slice of that kind of action aren't you?

PPPS. As soon as you join you will receive your Quick Start Guide. This will give you everything you need to get started. Making you money as fast as possible. Oh and don't forget you'll be getting that help desk phone number in case you want to call me.

If you still have questions you can drop me an email: